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Hot sluts who love wearing heels! Her long legs are covered with the finest nylons, sheer stockings and sexy pantyhose and her feet are in expensive designer pumps!

She loves the way the 5 inch heels make her hips sway in her tight mini skirt, the click of her high heels against the hard flor and the perfectly straight back seams running the full length of her long smooth sexy legs!

Monday, December 6, 2010

I dressed up in some sexy leopard lingerie and put on a black garterbelt with lace top sheer stockings

I am 25 Years Old, 5'6" blonde 115 lbs. I absolutely LOVE having my own little place on the web. A lot of people ask me how I got into having my own adult website, so here goes.... It all started when me and my husband Jack saw this show on tv about swingers. They were talking about how much fun it was and how you could explore safely with other couples. We both got really excited about the whole idea and decided to join a swingers site. Right away we found out that swinging was going to be a huge part of our life, it became more of a lifestyle for us. We were meeting all sorts of HOT couples left and right and turned into little sluts, lol. It was exciting each time we would find a new couple to hook up with. I didn't realize how busy we would become with swinging.
My husband used to be a photographer for a living. He was always snapping off naughty pictures of our sex life. We thought it would be a blast to share our sexy experiences online. We started taking pictures of me in different lingerie, having sex, swinging, all sorts of fun stuff. I have always been very open sexually, although I don't appear that way on the outside....I am a total freak in the bed. I love to get a guy off hard, and I especially love to swallow cum. Pretty soon we had a large libray of content built up and we went live with the site. Ever since then I have been having a blast interacting with different members online. I love getting requests and letters from different men, I find it very erotic. I plan on having my website for a very very long time. I have become quite addicted to the attention and we really enjoy filming our sex life. I really am just like the sweet wife next door, except I am a total nympho maniac. :) In my spare time I love to go shopping, hang out with my girlfriends....go on little vacations. I stay at home nowadays and work on my site full time now. I found that If I really wanted to make my site interactive and quality I would need to dedicate all the time I could. My site is 100% real. There are no paid models or faking. It is just me and my husband recording our sex life and sharing it with the world. We love to roleplay and act out different scenarious. We are really into fantasy and dress up, you will find me wearing stockings quite a bit. Stockings and shoes are one of my fetishes. ;) Among with several other naughty acts, I just love exploring my sexuality this way and I hope you come inside and interact with me.

I dressed up in some sexy leopard lingerie and put on a black garterbelt with lace top sheer stockings

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