Heel Sluts

Hot sluts who love wearing heels! Her long legs are covered with the finest nylons, sheer stockings and sexy pantyhose and her feet are in expensive designer pumps!

She loves the way the 5 inch heels make her hips sway in her tight mini skirt, the click of her high heels against the hard flor and the perfectly straight back seams running the full length of her long smooth sexy legs!

Friday, February 11, 2011

all he ever asks her to do is stomp his face

Sunfire is a sexy stripper and she decides to meet up with one of her regular sugar daddies. This regular is a weirdo though, cuz all he ever asks her to do is stomp his face. She finds this to be very easy work and is always willing to bounce on her sugar daddy's face for money. As they get situated, she gives him the kinky stuff he asks for and you can tell he really enjoys it. Sunfire even teases him a little more by verbally playing her cards and telling him on several occasions how she knows he can "take it like a man"! This type of acknowledgement from her really drives this sugar daddy nuts cuz he really thinks she is praising his manhood instead of doing it for the money (he is so gullable when in fantasy mode, LOL). Anyway, it's been a while since they have sessioned and she also has a very sensual voice and says to him how "we're making up for lost time". This woman definitely knows how to tell a session boy exactly what he wants to hear!!! With phrases like "oh, you're really takin it like a man now!" when his face starts getting it really rough, she drives this money-papa up the wall!

all he ever asks her to do is stomp his face