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Hot sluts who love wearing heels! Her long legs are covered with the finest nylons, sheer stockings and sexy pantyhose and her feet are in expensive designer pumps!

She loves the way the 5 inch heels make her hips sway in her tight mini skirt, the click of her high heels against the hard flor and the perfectly straight back seams running the full length of her long smooth sexy legs!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

hot girl showing you everything in her stockings

Pretty long haired blonde Ashley is waiting for you in her short white skirt, white boots, white blouse, seamed stockings...and sexy red panties, garter belt and bra. She does a provocative strip, talking to you the whole time, and then shows you her surprise. She is wearing a dark thong under her red bikini panties. Ashley pulls down her red panties around her knees and shows off her shapely bottom in her thong panties, which she pulls down. Now you can watch her pose for you with her panties pulled down, titties out of her red bra and her thong panties stretched tight. Then she shows off everything and seriously encourages you to jerk off and cum all over her. And you will cum as you watch this hot girl showing you everything in her stockings. Then she slides back on her red bikini panties and heads out to flash her stockings and panties to any guy who is lucky enough to catch her public show. Panty Gallery

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